Monport 40W Lightburn Supported

by k40 laser engraver
Published: October 25, 2022 (1 month ago)
The ONLY ONE 40W Compatible with Lightburn on the Market With the upgraded control board, this 40w machine co2 laser engraver can be compatible with Lightburn, which is the most popular and widly-used softare on the market. Laser Protective Glasses for Free Lasers emit radiation in the invisible form of light. This pair of laser protective glasses is certified to protect your eyes against radiation damage by looking at the class 4 laser in any way (directly, indirectly, or even looking at the laser dot on a surface can damage your eyes). 3 LED Monitor Displays There are 3 LED displays with real-time data. They can monitor the water temperature, laser temperature and the current power, which help you to find wheter any problem occurs. Red Dot Guidance  It mounts on the laser head which shows the laser path of the machine and can offer more precision when lining up cutting and engraving. No Need for Other Motherboard The Lightburn supported control panel has already installed in this machine, so you don’t need to buy another motherboard. Just connect this k40 laser engraver to your computer then play it!